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    Beaujolais series, painting flows like young wine.
    Vineyards are mesmerizing with their bright autumn               colors, graphic lines and musical rhythms that   
     harmoniously fit into   the landscape of the earth.  


Evening. Cabernet

Evening, Cabernet  2019 oil on canvas  80/100cm.


Chardonney,  2019   oil on canvas, 110x205 cm.

Grape tan,   Ruslan Pushkash.jpg

Grape tan,  diptych,  2020  oil on canvas 190/140 сm.

Dancing Grapes 1.jpg

Dancing Grapes 1,  2020, acrilic on canvas 75/130 cm.

Dancing Grapes 2a.jpg

Dancing Grapes 2,  2020, acrilic on canvas75/130 cm.

Dancing grapes Noon, Ruslan Pushkash.jpg

Dancing Grapes. Noon ,  2020,  acrilic on canvas  180/140 cm.

Cabernet Sauvignon,w. Ruslan Pushkash.jpg

Cabernet- Sauvignon,  diptych,   2021   oil on canvas   150/240 сm.


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